Kate’s Introduction

Kate’s introduction for Learn and Grow Books

Hi! My name is Kate. I am a preschool teacher with 17 years of experience. I have worked in two colleges, the YMCA, one bowling alley, two community centers, for the Parks and Recreation, and two private centers.

I have potty trained over a thousand children. I have worked with newborns to preteens. Most of my work though was with pre-K kids.

I love to cook. At my previous job, I served as both a full-time pre-K teacher as well as the cook. I made everything from Mac and Cheese to Spaghetti to freshly baked cookies.  I also taught cooking. We made bread, Jell-o, pizza, friendship fruit salad, pudding from scratch, and many other fun things. Not only did I love cooking with the kids, they loved cooking with me. Stuff like this makes my job worth while.

This web site will be about sharing tips and experiences.  I will leave plenty of resources for both parents and pre-K teachers to use.  I will leave you everything from recipes to songs to games to teaching aids.

Singing is a great way to help kids learn.  It improves language skills, social bonding, memory, and even being able to keep time along with the rest of the group.

Teaching aids

I will share with you teaching aids from different seasons.  I especially love Summers, but I will have seasonal teaching aids that you can use.  The teaching aids are often holiday related.  For example, I will have plenty of Thanksgiving aids for you to use.  They will be in the form of PDF files that you can print out if you have a printer connected to your computer.  You can also preview and save it for later.

I will have art aids as well.  Art from a young age helps kids think creatively.  I will have plenty of PDF files that your child or your students (depending on whether you are a parent or a pre-K teacher) can use for art.

This website will be an excellent resource for both parents and pre-K teachers.


Kate for Learn and Grow Books.  Kate's introduction