Making Museums Fun for Kids

 Making Museums fun for kids

I love going to the Museums when I was a child. Now I love it more.I like to roam around museums and take my time to see all there is to see. There are so many different types of museums in existence, that you’d be hard pressed not to find one that pleases you. There are museums for art, information, re-enactments, military and war, transportation, science, open air, virtual and zoos

Though museums have had children’s puppet shows and movies for decades, these new programs — inspired in part by the growing numbers of baby-boomer parents visiting museums with their kids — are much more hands-on and age-specific. Making use of everything from Egyptian artifacts to modern sculpture, the new projects are designed for the entire family to do together.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be prepared.
Most museums now have on line portals which allow you to explore the museum virtually. When looking up your chosen museum, look for such things as:

The exhibits – see what is on exhibit at the museum at all times, as well as special exhibitions being held for a short time.
The history of the museum – there will often be very interesting stories about the artifacts, benefactors, etc., that can make your visit all the more interesting.
Activities – see whether there are talks, displays, tours, special activities that will happening on the day that you visit. Many museums hold regular activities that meet all age group interests.
Fees, food and storage – although mundane, it’s important to know how much the visit will cost, whether or not you can eat there, and whether or not there is storage for coats, bags, etc. You might also need to check about stroller and wheelchair access or hire, and find out about out transportation needs and car parking.

Above all, have fun.