Sun Puppet

For Kids’ Creativity – A Talking Sun Puppet

This summer puppet project for preschool children. I love the Summertime. “Summertime means lots of sunshine. We love it when the sun shines and we can play outside. The sun makes us feel hot sometimes and thirsty. What else can the sun do? It can burn you too! Please remember to wear sunscreen.”

Materials for each puppet:
1. Two 9 inch paper plates
2. Orange, yellow, and white construction paper
3. Cardboard paper towel tube
4. Yellow paint
5. Yellow yarn
6. Rubber band (red if possible)
7. Aluminum foil
8. Glue, scissors, pencil, newspaper to work on
9. Two paper brad fasteners

1. Trace children’s hand on the colored paper. You will need to cut out five yellow hand shapes and six orange hand shapes.

2. Children paint the bottom of one paper plate yellow.

3. Children cover the bottom of the second plate with glue. They arrange the hand shapes around the edge of the gluey plate for the rays of the sun. Teach
patterning, by showing them how to glue first an orange hand, then a yellow, then an orange, etc. ending with an orange hand, and leaving a 2 inch opening between them where no hand “ray” sticks out. You can draw a line for them to see where to place the first hand and where to stop with the last hand.

4. The children put the top of the painted plate over the gluey plate so that you have a yellow sun with rays all around it. The opening will be the bottom.

5. To make the mouth, push the two paper brad fasteners into the sun above the
opening and about 3 inches apart. Hook an end of the rubber band over each
fastener. Open the fasteners on the back of the sun to secure them. Children
will need help or the teacher can do this part.

6. Cut two eyes from the white paper. Children use a black marker or crayon to
draw a pupil on each eye. Children glue the eyes to the face of the sun.

7. Children cover the tube with aluminum foil. Fold the extra foil down into the
two ends of the tube. Cut a 2 inch slit on each side of the opening at one end of the tube. Help the children slide the bottom edge of the sun into the slit.

8. Tie one end of a 24 in. length of yellow yarn to the bottom of the rubber band mouth so that it hangs out. To make the sun puppet look like it is talking, just pull on the end of the yarn.


Comments: The children loved their sun puppets! They loved the painting and hand prints, and especially making their puppet’s mouth move and “talk”.

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